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Adroit Photo Forensics

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Adroit Photo Forensics (APF)
Maintainer: Digital Assembly
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Commercial

Adroit Photo Forensics (APF) is a commercial forensic software package distributed by Digital Assembly. It specializes in the recovery and analysis of digital photographs.


Adroit Photo Forensics can parse a number of filesystems, including FAT 12/16/32, NTFS, HFS, and HFS+. It can read from EnCase as well as raw/dd images.

It is best known for implementing the SmartCarving and GuidedCarving algorithms to recover fragmented photos.


Adroit Photo Forensics also parses exif data and can be used to view and group files based on exif date stamps instead of file system date stamps. APF also includes a full zoomable time-line viewer based on exif and file system date stamps.

Other Features

Adroit Photo Forensics interface is optimized for the display of photos. APF also include grouping and sorting options that are photo relevant.

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