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CD/DVD Inspector

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CD/DVD Inspector is the current incarnation of the optical media analysis tool from InfinaDyne.


CD/DVD Inspector is the product of over 10 years of development and the experience gathered from this. It is currently in use by law enforcement, government agencies and data recovery companies worldwide. It has been consistently recommended by Guidance Software as adjuct to their EnCase product.

CD/DVD Inspector contains a complete re-implementation of the file systems that are present on CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Because of this it is able to rebuild directory information even when the file system has been damaged or corrupted. While it is not the only product available which does this, it is the only one that has been completely tested by the FBI and Department of Defense as well as having proven itself in a number of court cases.


CD/DVD Inspector has been written by Paul Crowley and Andrew Dangerfield, both working for InfinaDyne. Paul Crowley has written a book CD and DVD Forensics as well.


CD-R Inspector was released in 1999 in response to inquiries from some individuals in the FBI CART program after looking at CD-R Diagnostic. They asked for some additional capabilities and this was released as the CD-R Inspector product. This is considered as version 1 of the product.

In January of 2003 version 2 was released and the product was renamed CD/DVD Inspector. This release included new hashing capabilities and new report formats. Version 2 was also made available using a Rainbow (now SafeNet) dongle. This version received a number of significant improvements over time, including the addition of robotic support for the CopyPro MiniMax disc duplicator.

In September of 2006 version 3 of CD/DVD Inspector was released. The most important addition with this version was the support of ISO image files and the creation of the Inspector binary image file format. This allowed CD/DVD Inspector to capture all of the content of any type of disc in existance and record it into a binary file. Using the companion product AccuBurn-R for CD/DVD Inspector, such binary image files could be written to disc creating an MD5-exact copy of the original disc.

Version 3 also introduced support for a number of other hardware devices for robotically handling discs. The devices supported were: WiebeTech CD-Imager, LSK Delta and LSK Gamma, Primera Bravo, and the Rimage Amiga II. A camera was available for the CopyPro MiniMax and came standard with the WiebeTech CD-Imager which allowed for the automatic photographing of discs as they were processed.

Version 4 of CD/DVD Inspector was released in April of 2009 introducing a new flexible report generator, support for directly reading E01-type image files and enhanced robotic support. Support for simultaneous multiple-drive collection was added for Rimage systems equipped with a camera. New robotic hardware support included the Rimage Professional and Producer lines, and MF Digital Scribe and Director. All of the new systems could be equipped with a camera and the camera is currently standard with the MF Digital systems. Early in 2010 support for TEAC disc publishing systems was introduced.

While support for Rimage systems continues, the relationship with Rimage deteriorated and no new licenses are being sold. Rimage released a relatively weak competing robotic collection software and hardware product in 2010 which copies a number of the functions of CD/DVD Inspector but without providing analysis capabilities or supporting any real file system analysis or recovery. The support for TEAC systems functionally replaced the role that the Rimage systems were filling.

Version 4.1 of CD/DVD Inspector was released in April of 2010. This introduced some new hashing capabilities and better reporting for robotic systems. This release also fully enabled simultaneous multiple-drive collection on all robotic hardware where a camera is present.

As of December 2010 CD/DVD Inspector has to distinct versions: Robotic and Workstation. For Robotic systems hardware from CopyPro, MF Digital, Primera and TEAC can be used.