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CarvPath annotations

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CarvPath annotations are a simple string-wise depiction of a hierarchically nested designation of sub entities within parent entities in what basically is a flat address space. The annotations are used in both CarvFs and MattockFS as a way to allow for Zero storage carving by different computer forensic tools. Next to zero-storage carving, the annotations can also be used in regular file-system forensics. CarvPath annotations use the visual appearance of file-system paths and as such can be used by the above user-space file-systems. A CarvPath with a file extension designates actual data in the underlying address space. Without a file extension, the CarvPath designates a pseudo directory or nesting level.


The basic structure of a CarvPath annotation is defined as follows:

  • CARVPATH : [CPTOKEN "/" ]* CPTOKEN ".' <extension>
  • CPFRAGMENT : <offset> + <size>
  • CPSPARSE : "S" <size>
  • CPDIGEST : "D" digest(CPTOKEN)

An example of a CarvPath :

  • 132048+42949672960/Dca7cda1bd637a30b8f4f1344b9e984713b7ca06ce5da80b953e616c56cc6c64a/0+73728_S57344_98304+4096.dat