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Forensic Email Collector

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Forensic Email Collector
Maintainer: Metaspike
OS: Windows
Genre: Preservation
License: Commercial


Forensic Email Collector (FEC) is a digital forensics software developed by Metaspike. FEC connects to cloud email providers and forensically preserves email evidence.


  • Connects to Microsoft Exchange servers via Exchange Web Services (EWS)
  • Connects to Gmail via REST API
  • Connects to virtually any email provider that supports the IMAP protocol
  • Automatically re-tries email preservation to acquire failed email messages
  • Ability to resume past projects
  • Supports OAuth authentication to Gmail
  • Provides detailed acquisition and exception reports
  • Flexible output options including MIME, MSG and PST format
  • Hashes output using MD5, SHA1 or SHA256
  • Uses Exchange Autodiscover to automatically detect Exchange Web Services (EWS) endpoint URL
  • Performs MX lookups to identify mail provider for target domain
  • Includes numerous built-in connection profiles for popular email service providers

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