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Maintainer: Matthias Wandel
OS: Linux,Windows
Genre: Metadata
License: Public Domain

jhead is a program which can display or manipulate the non-image part of Exif compliant JPEG files.


This is an example of the output of jhead:

$ jhead Simpic.jpg 
File name    : Simpic.jpg
File size    : 146060 bytes
File date    : 2006:04:04 20:10:51
Camera make  : Canon
Camera model : Canon PowerShot Pro1
Date/Time    : 2005:12:15 14:47:02
Resolution   : 779 x 524
Flash used   : No
Focal length : 10.6mm  (35mm equivalent: 158mm)
CCD width    : 2.40mm
Exposure time: 0.0031 s  (1/320)
Aperture     : f/4.0
ISO equiv.   : 50
Exposure bias: 1.00
Whitebalance : Manual
Metering Mode: center weight
Exposure Mode: Manual
Exposure Mode: Auto bracketing

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