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Kaspersky Quarantine File

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The Kaspersky Anti-Virus quarantined files are stored in a propriety file format.

The following information is based on the current understanding of the Kaspersky Quarantine File format.


A Kaspersky Quarantine File consists of:

  • file header
  • obfuscated quarantined file
  • obfuscated metadata

File header

The file header is 64 bytes of size and consists of:

Offset Size Value Description
0 4 "KLQB" Signature
4 4 1 Unknown, version?
8 4 Unknown, header size or offset to quarantined file data?
12 4 Unknown, empty values?
16 4 Unknown, offset to metadata?
20 12 Unknown
32 4 Unknown, size of metadata?
36 4 Unknown, empty values?
40 4 Unknown, header size?
44 4 Unknown, empty values?
48 4 Unknown, quarantined file size?
52 4 Unknown, empty values?
56 4 1 Unknown
60 4 Unknown, empty values?

Quarantined file

The quarantined file is stored obfuscated using an 8 byte XOR key: "e2 45 48 ec 69 0e 5c ac".


How the metadata is stored is not fully known at the moment but part of the metadata is stored obfuscated using an 8 byte XOR key: "48 ec 69 0e 5c ac e2 45".

Date and time values

The date and time values in the metadata are stored in intervals of 10 ns since January 1, 1 00:00:00 local time.

E.g. the timestamp: 0x582db22720fb9bc9

import datetime

print datetime.datetime(1, 1, 1) + datetime.timedelta(microseconds=0x582db22720fb9bc9 / 100)
2014-06-25 15:01:44.164668

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