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Knoppix STD

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This tool is deprecated.
The tool that this page describes is deprecated and is no longer under active development.
Further information might be found on the discussion page.

Knoppix STD
Maintainer: STD project
OS: Linux
Genre: Live CD,Incident Response
License: GPL

Knoppix STD is a computer forensics / incident response Live CD based on Knoppix.



  • Sleuthkit 1.66 : extensions to The Coroner's Toolkit forensic toolbox.
  • autopsy 1.75 : Web front-end to TASK. Evidence Locker defaults to /mnt/evidence
  • biew : binary viewer
  • bsed : binary stream editor
  • consh : logged shell (from F.I.R.E.)
  • coreography : analyze core files
  • dcfldd : US DoD Computer Forensics Lab version of dd
  • fenris : code debugging, tracing, decompiling, reverse engineering tool
  • fatback : Undelete FAT files
  • foremost : recover specific file types from disk images (like all JPG files)
  • ftimes : system baseline tool (be proactive)
  • galleta : recover Internet Explorer cookies
  • hashdig : dig through hash databases
  • hdb : java decompiler
  • mac-robber : TCT's graverobber written in C
  • md5deep : run md5 against multiple files/directories
  • memfetch : force a memory dump
  • pasco : browse IE index.dat
  • photorec : grab files from digital cameras
  • readdbx : convert Outlook Express .dbx files to mbox format
  • readoe : convert entire Outlook Express .directory to mbox format
  • rifiuti : browse Windows Recycle Bin INFO2 files
  • secure_delete : securely delete files, swap, memory....
  • testdisk : test and recover lost partitions
  • wipe : wipe a partition securely. good for prep'ing a partition for dd
  • and other typical system tools used for forensics (dd, lsof, strings, grep, etc.)

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