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Maintainer: Matriux Project
OS: Linux
Genre: Live CD
License: GPL, others

A Linux Live CD intended for penetration testing.

Matriux is a fully featured security distribution, based on Ubuntu. It consists of powerful, free and open source computer forensics and data recovery tools which can be used for forensics analysis and investigation purposes.

Apart from forensics usages Matriux also provides a wide platform to let security professionals utilize the power of open source to perform day-to-day web application penetration testing and server hardening tasks.

Matriux is lite and designed to run from a CD / DVD or USB stick or it can easily be installed to your hard disk in a few steps in no time.


An Indian infosec professional Manu Zacharia had initialized the idea of developing Matriux as a security distribution in 2008 and by the end of 2009 on 5th December released the Matriux Lithium version at ClubHack2009 Its successor Matriux Xenon was released on December 4, 2010 at ClubHack2010

Matriux is also Asia's first OS for hacking, penetration testing, and cyber forensic investigation.

Matriux Krypton, We have officially released it


Matriux Xenon showing forensics tools in it's Arsenal

Matriux offers many forensics tools under its Arsenal in Digital-Forensics category



  • Start Autopsy
  • Autopsy Forensics Browser
  • Gpart
  • Pasco
  • Vinetto
  • Start WarVOX
  • Open WarVOX Web Interface
  • Xplico Console Mode (Internet Traffic Decoder)
  • Xplico Web Interface (Internet Traffic Decoder)


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