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Nuix Desktop

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Nuix Desktop
Maintainer: Nuix
OS: Windows
Genre: Analysis
License: Commercial

Nuix Desktop is the main product provided by Nuix, however there is also a "light weight" version called Proof Finder. Both capable of processing many different formats including:

  • EnCase, AccessData and raw dd images.
  • HFS+, HFSX, ext2/3/4, NTFS, FAT16/32
  • Cellebrite and XRY images


  • NTFS deleted file recovery and file carving support for all supported file systems.
  • Processing the data produces a full text index that can be quickly searched.
  • The ability to extract out several types of "named entities" including email addresses, IP addresses, references to companies and currencies.
  • It also provides a network graph to see the communications detected inside the data.

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