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Maintainer: Cyber Security Technologies
OS: Windows
Genre: Template:Live forensics
License: Commercial

The OnLine Digital Forensic Suite (OnLine DFS) is a suite of applications for the investigation of live computers in networks. OnLineDFS allows an investigator to gather volatile data from runnings systems, including process lists, active network connections, open files, as well as process memory, and files. The information is presented via a web-based user interface allowing the investigator to be remotely located. All actions taken by the investigator are maintained in a log file.

All acquired data is stored in the native format (e.g., memory or disk images), XML, or plain text, to allow for interoperability.

The OnLineDFS server runs on a Windows platform, but supports analyzing various operating systems, including Windows (NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista), Linux (several distributions), Mac OSX, FreeBSD, and Solaris. The web-based user interface can be displayed on most browsers.


OnLineDFS was originally developed by ATC-NY as the Mobile Forensic Platform (MFP), as part of an Air Force SBIR grant and is now maintained and sold by Cyber Security Technologies. OnLineDFS is distributed to US law enforcement by WetStone Technologies as LiveWire Investigator.

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