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{{Infobox_Software |
{{Infobox_Software |
   name = RECON IMAGER |
   name = RECON IMAGER |
   maintainer = [,_LLC. SUMURI, LLC] |
   maintainer = [,_LLC SUMURI, LLC] |
   os = {{Mac OS X}} |
   os = {{Mac OS X}} |
   genre = {{Disk imaging}}, {{Forensic Imaging}} |
   genre = {{Disk imaging}}, {{Forensic Imaging}} |

Latest revision as of 14:20, 12 July 2017

Maintainer: SUMURI, LLC
OS: Mac OS X
Genre: Disk imaging, Template:Forensic Imaging
License: Commercial
Website: RECON IMAGER website

RECON IMAGER is a forensic imaging software, developed by SUMURI for macOS, and is based on OS X.

Product Overview

RECON IMAGER can image all Intel® based Apple computers, including the newest generation of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. It has a simplified GUI to ensure that the digital footprint of the program is small to maintain maximum integrity of data stored in RAM.

Product Features

  • Interprets Apple FileVault, Fusion and Core Storage volumes and disks to make decrypted forensic images by entering the user's password or Recovery Key.
  • Image RAM without an admin password
  • Rolling update structure to stay current with newest MacOS releases
  • Quintuple boot system.
  • Native MacOS boot environment
  • RAM imager - admin password not required.
  • Controls write protection.
  • Fusion drive support.
  • Apple core storage support.
  • Includes all versions of PALADIN Forensic Suite

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