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Recon for MAC OS X

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Recon for Mac OS X
Maintainer: [SUMURI, LLC]
OS: Mac OS X
Genre: Disk imaging,Commercial,Analysis
License: Commercial
Website: RECON Mac OS X Website

RECON for Mac OS X is a software tool developed by SUMURI to automate the forensic data gathering process on the Mac OS X operating system. It automates what an experienced examiner would need weeks to accomplish in minutes.

Product Overview

RECON for Mac OS X automatically finds important artifacts, parses the data and presents them to you in a unified format that can be refined to produce automated reports.

Main Features

RECON for Mac OS X includes all current versions of PALADIN, which comes with a full featured open source Forensic Suite, bootable forensic imager, a software write-blocker, and other advanced digital forensics tools.

Forensic Tools Included

• Software Write-Blocker, Imager and Full Forensic Suite included.

• Advanced Timeline Analysis.

• Process forensic images or live Macs.

• Identify the origin of files.

• Automatic chat timeline construction for Messages and Skype.

• Complete a Mac exam in minutes, not weeks.

• Image mounting supporting popular forensic image formats and Fusion drives.

• Built-in Live Imaging.

• Automatic identification of Spoliation artifacts.

• Create customized reports – PDF, HTML, CSV and XML.

• Image RAM, capture Volatile Data

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