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Maintainer: Armor Forensics
OS: Windows?
Genre: Disk imaging
License: Commercial

Safeback is a forensic tool suite distributed by Armor Forensics.


File Systems Understood

File Search Facilities

  • Lists allocated and unallocated files.
  • Sorts files by type.
  • Searches for keywords.

Historical Reconstruction

Can it build timelines and search by creation date?

Searching Abilities

  • Can use basic keyword searching.
  • Offers full-text indexing.
  • If you're interested in the Internet history, one tool, GetHTML, assembles HTML from data. Also NTAStealth is a program that peruses this history.

Hash Databases

Evidence Collection Features

  • A tool called NTI Secure Toolkit will encrypt files and build self-extracting packages that just require the right password.


License Notes

  • "This suite of computer forensic software tools is made available, free of charge, to law enforcement computer specialists". Other parts of the website hint at large discounts or site licenses. No prices are quoted publicly.

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