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Tools:Memory Analysis

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The following tools can be used to conduct memory analysis.

Memory Analysis Frameworks

Browser Email Memory Tool

  • pdgmail is a python script to extract gmail artifacts from memory images. Made for images extracted with pdd, but works with any memory image.

Instant Messenger Memory Tool

Platform Independent Tools

A list of tools which should work regardless of future incremental OS / hardware updates.

  • Open Source Hypervisor/Process/Kernel detection for Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD. is based on interpreting low-level hardware defined constructs which change little over time. See github for details.
  • Forensics MemDump Extractor, is a tool by Gem George which can extract any kind of files residing in memory dump based on file signature. For example, if we put signature of a JPG file, it will extract all JPGs residing in memory dump.

Analysis support libraries/tools

Additional tools/libraries that are meant to be used in combination with existing frameworks or tools.

  • [1] Reloc interfaces with a hosted server that has compiled over 200000 fragments of PE relocation data that can be used to transform executable's extracted from memory back into their original state. This means an exact recovery from any dump can be built. This will allow you to validate a secure hash (SHA256, etc...) to have total confidence there exists no backdoor or other malicious patch to a code in memory.